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Zesty games is a new and unique online entertainment talk-show in English for Thai teenagers (13 - 18 years old).
Prizes are stimulating the interest, grow the audience, expand and transform the games form virtual zooming in Thailand to Nationawide studio broadcasting and and the same time moving the games into Meta and Sandbox space.
Idea of the game:
There are 9 rounds and 10 players. One letter of the alphabet is randomly chosen for each round and players has to come up with 3 words of give

Подробное описание

Stage 1. Attract 1000000 visitors to the show, make it popular within Thailand both as a competition, interaction and earning playground (3-6 months)

Stage 2. Bring the show to the national TV channels and move it from online to studio experience. Castings of the players will be held prior the games (6-12 months)

Stage 3. After gaining popularity within Thailand - move the show to the international arena with different age groups (teenagers and adults), supporting local languages (12 - 18 months)

Stage 3.1 - Create a separate space for the games in the Metaverse to provide virtual experiences with Oculus (12 - 18 months)

Stage 4. Comminating and changing the types of the games within Zesty Games Seasons make it interesting as long as possible (18 - 48++ months)

Step 5. Closure of the games.

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  • До 2 марта 2023
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