Александр Гусев

Originally from Russia, Alex has been Inventing and making things since was a was a kid. Attended Chemistry in Federal University of Irkutsk but in 1998 moved to Milwaukee, WI to pursue a carrier in commercial construction. One of his inventions while in construction industry was a vinyl Paint Brush Case. One day he noticed that professional painters wrap their wet brushes in newspaper after work to keep their bristles straight and sharp in the morning - apparently there was no better way to get it done. Soon he bought some vinyl, drafted the design and hired a shoemaker to produce the paint brush case - it worked. Recently, on a business mission in Irkutsk, Russia and finished local Linguistic University in 2016. Owns a Restaurant. Since 2015 involved in Orthopedic Industry and became interested in footwear design and manufacturing. Inventing Easyflops became the natural result of his involvement in footwear industry.
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