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Разработка многовариативной креативной коллекции. В коллекции будут представлены изделия с отстегивающимися элементами.

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Hi! I am working on creating a collection of women's clothing. The first collection of clothes was successfully sold out thanks to participation in shows and exhibitions. I am starting to design a new collection and hope for your participation in my project. Have you also noticed the disappearance of elegantly dressed women, in heels, charming, attractive and intellectual? Femininity, elegance, sensuality and a little sexuality are what I want to embody in my collections, what I want to share with every woman. We are few...but we still exist..women in heels and skirt)) In the collection there will be elements with which clothes will be transformed into another product. The well-known "shorts turn".... into a tie))

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  • 2 000 000руб.
  • До 28 декабря 2021
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